Wedding Itinerary Form

Wedding Itinerary

Wedding Itinerary Form

Welcome to the wedding itinerary builder, here you will fill out as many details as you can about your upcoming event.


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Recommendations & Common Choices

With some of the selections, you will see recommended, common, uncommon and not recommended. These are just standard notes to help you decide what to play. If you are unsure, just select the recommended option. Whereas uncommon will just mean it's unique to that moment, but it is perfectly ok to choose. Not recommended does not mean you shouldn't choose it, but it is very rare and sometimes looked down upon by your guests.

DJ Choice

In the coming pages you will have the option of selecting many songs and music styles. By selecting 'DJ Choice', the DJ will do the job he has been hired to do and try to pick music and selections suited to your event based on information you provide, blended with traditional and common practices. Certain information where 'DJ Choice' is not an option or is listed as NOT RECOMMENDED are usually designed to be more personal and therefore requested that you provide the information yourself.

Required Fields and Other Help

Some items marked with a * are required fields and you will not be able to proceed until you have entered the required information.
If the field requires information you do not have, just specify with some dummy information, such as "I don't know yet"



What services to we need to provide you?

List any services you think you will need during your event

Basic Information

Select the marriage type here

FatzBomb Entertainment does not discriminate. Some of the questions on the next few pages are strictly used for addressing the party properly during the event. This will also make navigation of this form easier, especially in same sex weddings.

Newlywed #1 ()

Enter 's information here

This is the person who would NOT be walking down the aisle and NOT changing their name.
(This person will still have the option of being the one to change their name.  In either case, enter the current (non-married) last name into the form.)

Newlywed #2 ()

Enter 's information here

This is the person who would often do a processional down the aisle, be given away, and change their last name.
(This person does not have to follow those rules. In either case, please use your Maiden/Unmarried last name on this form.)

Name Change

Who will be changing their last name?

Traditionally, would change their last name to that of (). But in modern times, sometimes will take 's last name ().
Also, if you are keeping both names or a hyphenated version, you can simply select it under name retention.

Home Address

Enter your current address below

This should be a common residence where correspondence will be sent if necessary. If you do not live together, use the address you will eventually share OR the current address of either newlywed.

Let's Review

For the remainder of this process, will be taking on the responsibilities of a traditional wedding groom (e.g. Standing at the altar with the officiant) and will be referred to as .

will be taking on the responsibilities of a traditional wedding bride (e.g. Walking down the aisle to a processional) and will be referred to as .

After the newlyweds are married, their names will be as follows:



The common address for this couple is:

Event Location(s)

When and where are your events taking place?

If events are taking place at your home address, or previously entered location, select them below.

Event Location & Time (Ceremony)

When and where is your ceremony taking place?

Enter the date, time, and/or location and venue information for your ceremony.

Ceremony Venue

Where is the ceremony taking place?

Please fill out the venue name (if a personal location or home, just state so), address, phone and contact person if there is one.

Outdoor Ceremony Terms Acceptance

I acknowledge that I will provide adequate shelter and protection against any damage due to weather or elements for both the DJ their equipment during this event. Any damage due to negligence of this will result in a fee that will be no less that $250 plus the cost of any damaged equipment in addition to the full event price.

Event Location & Time (Rehearsal)

When and where is your rehearsal taking place?

Enter the date, time, and/or location and venue information for your rehearsal.

Event Location & Time (Reception)

When and where is your reception taking place?

Enter the date, time, and/or location and venue information for your reception.

Note: If your reception is in the same venue, but a different area that involves moving of the equipment, please be aware that there may be a tear down and set-up time between 30 and 60 minutes that will be required before the music starts back up. We do try to avoid the delay when possible.

Outdoor Reception Terms Acceptance

I acknowledge that I will provide adequate shelter and protection against any damage due to weather or elements for both the DJ their equipment during this event. Any damage due to negligence of this will result in a fee that will be no less that $250 plus the cost of any damaged equipment in addition to the full event price.

Wedding Party & Crew

Select all members of your wedding party and crew (more info...)

Please check off all members that are a part of your wedding party. Though many are listed with traditional names, alternative gender names may be selected later.
We will preselect the traditional roles for your convenience when adding names, you can always select a different one.

If FatzBomb Entertainment is ONLY providing services for your reception and members listed will not be named, take part, or be recognized during your reception, you do not have to select them.

FLOWER DUDE NOTES: If you will be using a 'Flower Dude' in lieu of the traditional flower girl, do not select the 'Common: Flower Members', instead selecting the 'Less Common: Flower Dude (Flower Special)'


It is uncommon to have BOTH, Flower Girls & a Flower Dude. If this is accuarate, ignore this message, otherwise please remove a selection.

Newlyweds (You)

How would you like to be announced?

This is how we will announce you during the Ceremony and/or Grand Entrance. The prelude is optional and not often used.

You will be announced as ""

Honored Attendants

Who are your honored party members?
(List in Pairs)

This includes a Best Men, Best Woman, Matron/Maids/Man of Honor.

's honored attendant(s) act as their personal aide and advisor through all stages of wedding planning. They are a fashion consultant, bachelor-party master of ceremonies and commander-in-chief of 's brigade. Their duties include (but aren't limited to): getting to the ceremony on time; giving the wedding officiant their fee after the ceremony; signing the couple's marriage license; and holding 's wedding ring at the altar. They'll also be responsible for a toast and for keeping the dance party going throughout your reception.

's honored attendant(s) are the bride's right hand for the duration of the planning process. They supply a second pair of eyes and provide emotional support as needed. In general, they head up 's shower and handle numerous wedding day details, which include toasting the newlyweds, signing the marriage license, adjusting 's train at the altar and holding the bouquet during the vows. They also should help get dressed and are the last attendants to walk down the aisle before , traditionally holding 's wedding ring. They traditionally give a speech during the reception.

A maid of honor is unmarried, whilst a matron of honor has tied the knot. A bride can have a maid, matron or both.

These people should be listed in the pairs as they will be walking, starting with the most important at the top. If they will be walking solo, or with another member, put dummy filler in the opposing name (like a ?) and give more details below.

Bridal Party

Who are your junior party members?

This includes a Groomsmen, Groomswomen, Bridesmen, Bridesmaids, etc.

's Bridal Party are a posse of their family and friends who assist in planning and preparing for the big day. What's their chief responsibility? To help 's Honored Attendant(s) plan and pay for the bachelor party and to support . It's also common to have these individuals do double duty as ushers, leaving their posts in time to process with the rest of the bridal party. They also get to decorate the getaway car and act as a resource for confused wedding guests.

's Bridal party are the trustworthy gal pals and family members who form 's entourage. They're a support team for the 's Honored Attendant(s), helping with pre-wedding tasks when asked (addressing invites, making bridal shower favors, planning the bachelorette party and more). They are often expected to keep the dance floor running and play co-host to guests.

These people should be listed in the pairs as they will be walking, starting with the most important at the top. If they will be walking solo, or with another member, leave the opposing name blank and give more details below.

Junior Members

Who are your bridal party members?

This includes a Jr. Groomsmen, Jr. Groomswomen, Jr. Bridesmen, Jr. Bridesmaids, etc.

These are young members of the wedding party (typically aged 9 to 16). They'll attend all major functions (excluding the bachelorette and bachelor parties) and fulfill the same responsibilities as senior squad members. Juniors can wear more age-appropriate versions of the selected attire, or a style and color dress all their own.

If any of these members will be paired up (Uncommon), please specify in the notes below.

Ring Bearer(s)

Who are your ring bearer(s)?

A young boy or girl (typically aged 4 through 8), who walks down the aisle just before the flower members (if there are any), carrying a small decorative pillow with two wedding bands tied to it (usually fakes, in case they got lost).

Flower Members

Who are your flower girls/boys?

Little ones aged 3 through 8 who walk down the aisle before the bride, scattering flower petals from a basket (or carrying a pomander). Little ladies, little gents, or even your furry friend can fill this role. Most flower children sit with their parents after their walk down the aisle.

This can be performed by anyone (Grannie/Grandpa/Lady/Woman, etc.) who will often perform the same function.

NOTE: If you are using a Flower Dude or special Event Petal spreading, do not inlcude on this page and instead include it in the 'Flower Dude (Flower Special)' section.

Flower Dude (Flower Special)

Who is your flower dude?

Is it time to pick a flower man for your wedding? This offbeat wedding trend is a twist on the traditional flower girl that’s gender inclusive and gives couples a new way to involve their friends, siblings, and relatives in the wedding ceremony procession. This person often creates a spectacle whilst tossing the petals in the aisle and amongst the crowd.

Flower Dudes often appear wearing a fanny pack and a fashionable suit, tossing flower petals here and there with wild abandon as they strut down the wedding aisle. (Search 'flower dude' on YouTube or check some links below)

Flower Dude 1
Flower Dude 2
Flower Dude 3
Flower Dude 4

Page Boy(s) & Train Bearer(s)

Who are your page boys and train bearers?

Page boys and Train Bearers differ in name only and traditionally walk behind the bride, holding up the long train of her wedding dress.
In modern weddings, of course, many wedding dresses don’t have long trains. But page boys are still around – mostly to look cute, rather than carry out any important duty. Alternatively, Page boys could simply hold hands with one of the bridesmaids!

Flag Bearer(s) & Sign Holder(s)

Who are your flag waver(s) & sign holder(s)?

Sign holders are usually young children who hold a sign with a cute, funny, or precious message on it right before the procession.

Flag Bearers carry a flag waving it before (sometimes after) {dynamic.bride) as they walk down the aisle.


Who are your ushers?

These are members who escort guests to their seats before the wedding ceremony. Ushers are often employed in addition to the standard bridal party; this way the newlyweds can involve other important people in their day, including pre-teen relatives who may not have been up for all of the duties of a full bridal party member.


Who is your reader?

Wedding readers have the important job of reading selected poems, passages, or religious texts during your ceremony.

Sometimes wedding readers choose their own texts, or they'll be assigned a meaningful reading by you. It's an important job—and public speaking isn't for everyone.

Candle Lighter(s)
(Christian Ceremony)

Who are your candle lighters?

A role at some Christian weddings, the job of a candle lighter is pretty self-explanatory. They are tasked with lighting the candles at the altar before the mother of the bride takes her seat. This person is typically between 9 and 12 year-olds but can be filled by any age. It’s a great position for a younger sibling or cousin. Even a more distant family member might enjoy being involved.

Chuppah Carriers
(Jewish Ceremony)

Who are your chuppah carriers?

The Chuppah wedding canopy represents the marriage home, portable and open to friends and family. It requires support to hold it up, from the outside by the people in our lives, and internally by our love of each other. The Chuppah Carriers (usually 4 people) bring it to the altar and (sometimes) hold it in place.

Shusha vim
(Jewish Ceremony)

Who is your Shusha vim?

A Jewish term describing anyone close to the couple who helps them plan and prepare for marriage. In many Jewish weddings, there's no traditional wedding party, but certain members of the Shusha vim (a mom, sister, best friend) might perform similar tasks.


Who is your officiant?

The cleric or city official who performs the marriage ceremony. Examples include a priest, a rabbi, a minister or a justice of the peace (Or even an ordained friend or family member).

Please include the title if they have one (Rev., Dr., Pastor, etc.)

's Parent's Status

What is 's (Birth or Adopted) parent's current marriage status?

This only applies to 's birth or adopted parents. Be sure NOT to include stepparents in the selection.

's Parents

Who are 's parents and/or stepparents?

These people are 's parents. Checking that a parent is NOT to be mentioned means the parent will NOT be attending your event and also will not be spoken of.

's Parent's Status

What is 's (Birth or Adopted) parent's current marriage status?

This only applies to 's birth or adopted parents. Be sure NOT to include stepparents in the selection.

's Parents

Who are 's parents and/or stepparents?

These people are 's parents. Checking that a parent is NOT to be mentioned means the parent will NOT be attending your event and also will not be spoken of.

Additional Recognized People

Are there any other people you wish to recognize during your event?

Please fill these in with any member of your wedding that you would like to give special recognition to but have not yet listed. They are not required and should only be added if they will have a part of your wedding that we will need to address.

Wedding Ceremony

Let's get some details about the ceremony portion of your event.

Here we get as much information as we can to ensure your ceremony runs smoothly.

Wedding Ceremony:

Select the music you would like to use for your ceremony

These are the tracks, moods, genre's etc. for the entrance and exit of the ceremony portion of your wedding. You can select DJ Pick for some portions, and we will select the appropriate items.
Selecting NO CHANGE / NOT WALKING means the previous playing music track or style will continue.

Guest Seating

Before the ceremony begins as people arrive

Ceremony Start

Usually , the Officiate, & their Honored Party (Best Man, Best Woman, etc.)

Bridal Party

The Newlyweds Bridal Party Members
(Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, sometimes Juniors as well)

Honored Party

's Honored Members
(Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Man of Honor, etc.)

Flower Dude

The Flower Dude's Song


When the walks down the aisle


After the Newlyweds kiss and walk back from the altar

Additional Notes

If there is more information to add regarding the music or order of people walking, please specify below.

(This includes if you have added members walking between the options defined above. In cases like this, please specify where in the ceremony they will be walking as well as any music needed.)

Wedding Ceremony:
Officiating (Performing the Ceremony)

Information about the officiating of your wedding

This includes items such as vows, events, faith and more.

Wedding Reception:
Cocktail Hour Music

What music should be played during cocktail hour.

Typically, you would select DJ choice for this. If you are NOT having a cocktail hour or you do not want background music (Uncommon), select NONE.

Wedding Reception:
Grand Entrance

Who & When will you and your bridal party be entering the reception venue?

Usually, the Grand Entrance is limited to the top tier party, but anyone can be a part. Often children are not part of a Grand Entrance, but they can be.

Besides the newlyweds, who will be taking part in the Grand Entrance?
If children (Ring Bearers/Flower Girls/Juniors) are a part of the grand entrance, but will be walking with others, select them here and when selecting music, select [They Will Accompany Another].

Wedding Reception:
Grand Entrance (Music)

What music will you be entering to?

Traditionally, one song is used for every person up to the Honored Party or Newlyweds. If you are sticking with the same song for any part, select [NO CHANGE]

Wedding Reception:
Cake Cutting

When is the cake cutting if there is one?

If you are cutting a cake that needs to be sliced for serving, it is recommended to do this following the entrance or before dinner. Otherwise, it is your choice.

Speeches and Toasts

What speeches and/or toasts will be given?

The most common speeches at a wedding are the Honored Attendants (Best Men/Maid(s)/Matron(s) of Honor) and the Prayer/Blessing. The Honored Party Dinner Toasts does NOT have to be performed by an honored party member, though it traditionally is. However, these toasts should be made by a member of your wedding party if the honored attendants are not doing one.

The Newlywed speech is given by one or both members of the newlywed couple to welcome and/or thank guests and other specific individuals for their contributions to the event.

Sometimes, the father of will give a speech (or mother or both parents), which is common. They also may be the one to perform the welcome/thank you speech instead of the newlyweds.

Possible, but not as common, are 's parents also giving a speech.

If the parents of either newlywed are absent or deceased, it is not uncommon for another family member to give the speech in their place.

NOTE: It is always recommended to limit yourself to no more than four speeches (Not including the Blessing/Prayer) at your event.
It is also NOT RECOMMENDED to do any speeches, besides a possible end of the night thank you, after the Main Dances have begun.

Honored Attendants Dinner Toasts

Traditionally this is the made by the best man, followed by the maid/matron of honor. They are usually the first dinner toasts of the evening unless the family of are hosting the wedding AND giving a speech.

Blessing / Prayer

This is a prayer or blessing to the newlywed couple and attendees right before dinner is served. Prayers are religious based, whilst blessings are typically not.

Newlywed Toast

Traditionally, the newlywed couple may toast each other, and then raise a glass to the wedding party and guests to thank them for sharing their special day. As far as Thank You speech towards the end of the night, you can ask the DJ for a microphone ANYTIME during your event.

Parent / Family Speeches

If the 's Father or Family are hosting the event, they would traditionally be the first toast of the evening. Other parent speeches occur just before the dinner (and prayer/blessing if applicable) or during the dinner.

Other Planned Speeches or Toasts

Use this if you have other people who would like to give a speech or toasts during the night. These typically would take place during the dinner (After any immediate family speeches), but you can place them wherever you want.

Open Speeches

These allow anyone attending your reception to give a speech or toast, it is not recommended to freely open this to your entire group.

Additional Notes

Is there anything else we need to know about the speeches or toasts?

Dinner & Concessions

Tell us about food & drink

This includes bar service, last call, dinner time, late night feeding, and more.



Late Night (Sober Up) Snack

Additional Notes

Is there anything else we need to know about the dinner or concessions?

Dinner & Concessions (Music)

What do you want to hear at these times?

This includes last call & dinner music.

Main Dances

What main dances are you including in your event?

Typically, these would consist of mother/son, father/daughter, newlywed and Bridal Party dances.
Less Common dances will be performed along with newlyweds first dance.

Newlywed Couple's First Dance (Recommended)

This is the moment that and dance for the first time as a newlywed couple.

Father & Daughter Dance (Common)

This is where dances with their father. You may always choose another person besides the father to fill this role.

Mother & Son Dance (Common)

This is where dances with their mother. You may always choose another person besides the mother to fill this role.

Parents (In-Law) Dance (Uncommon)

would dance with the 's mother while at the same time, would dance with 's father. Though not commonly done, this is a nice song to show acceptance upon entering the respective families.

Bridal Party Dance (Recommended)

This is the final Main Dance of the evening and occurs just before the dancefloor opens to your other guests. This brings the newlywed couple onto the dancefloor (Typically to a song of friendship or fun upbeat song) along with their main Bridal Party who we will call up by name and status.

NOTE: Bridal Party members usually dance as a pair, but they are welcome to bring another up instead.

Dancefloor Opening

This is first song played when the dancefloor opens to your other guests to join the bridal party following the main dances. Typically, this is a fun upbeat song.

Main Dance Order

What order would you like your main dances to follow?

The Main Dances usually come after dinner, before the dancefloor opens. Sometime couples perform their first dance immediately following the Grand Entrance.

Following Grand Entrance:
Once the couple enters the reception, they almost immediately proceed to the dancefloor and perform their first dance. The parent dances may follow, or can be done after dinner. Since the Bridal Party opens up the dancefloor, the Bridal Party dance follows after dinner unless there is none, in which case they will follow the entrance dances.

Following Dinner:
The newlywed couple take to the floor after dinner, followed by parent dances and the bridal party dance that will open the dancefloor up to everybody.

Following Dinner (Special Order) (Highly Recommended):
This is a staple of FatzBomb Entertainment weddings and although it does break tradition, it always receives a beautiful & heartfelt reaction from the crowd and parents alike. In this scenario, we move from what the crowd often considers to be the least important to the most important. We start with the Parent Dances (Mother/Son, Father/Daughter) then keep all dance members on the floor and, unbeknownst to the parents, have them hand their children off one last time for their first dance as husband and wife. You will hear the awes and see a tear of joy in your parent's eyes.

After the couples first dance, the bridal party is called to join them on the dancefloor for the Bridal Party song before the dancefloor fully opens to the crowd.

Special Events (Music)

Select the music for each special event

If you wish to allow the DJ to select the music for these events, leave everything checked as is and continue to the next page.

Bouquet Toss (Recommended)

The bouquet toss is typically the first special event. will turn her back to all the attending single women standing behind her. Then will blindly toss the bouquet behind her hoping one of the single ladies catches it. This person is said to be the next one to get married, and may also participate in the garter events.

Teddy Toss (Optional)

This is an optional event that let's the kids get involved. Basically, does just like the bouquet toss but instead throws a teddy bear (or other plush toy) for one of the kids to catch and keep. This makes kids feel more a part of the reception.

Garter Removal (Common)

places in a chair in the center of the dancefloor and attempts to remove the garter from their new partner. Sometimes is blindfolded and sometimes many props are used for comedic effect.

Garter Toss (Common)

Similar to the bouquet toss, will toss the garter blindly behind him to one of the single man attending (though they are often not as anxious). This person is said to be the next man to be married and may participate in the other garter events. This can be done with or with the visual Garter Removal event.

Garter Placement (Common, But Discretionary)

Simple enough, the person who caught the garter places it on the one who caught the bouquet who sits in the center of the dancefloor with said bouquet in hand. Because it can be a mixed bag on who catches what, sometimes a planned event like this will be cancelled.

Garter Reversal (Common, But Discretionary)

Usually, the MC makes a joke about the performance of the who caught the garter during the garter placement and convinces both that the one who caught the bouquet could do a better job, so we do it by reversing the roles of the garter placement and proving it to the crowd.

Anniversary Dance (Recommended)

Later in the evening. (Click here for more information)

In this wedding tradition, you start out with all married couples on the dance floor (including the newlyweds) to dance together. The DJ then filters out married couples from the dance floor based on how long they have been married (usually starting with the newlyweds), so the ones with the greatest number of married years behind them, are the ones that are left on the dance floor at the end.

The couple is then given a chance to relay advice to the newlywed couple on the secrets of a long and healthy marriage. Sometimes, the newlyweds provide a gift (Such as a bottle of wine or cufflinks) to the couple.

Money Dance (Uncommon)

Later in the evening. (Click here for more information)

There are two types of this dance. Please select accordingly.

Dollar Dance (Not Recommended):
Please keep in mind, this version is sometimes considered tacky or in poor taste. The dollar dance sets up 2 lines, one for people whom would like to dance with and one for people whom wish to dance with .
The Honored Bridal Party members stand at the front of the lines releasing people one at a time to dance with the respective newlywed for a few moments, collecting a dollar from each person.

Shot Dance (Uncommon):
This works exactly like the Dollar Dance, except each person who gives a dollar also receives a shot of alcohol before they approach the newlywed. This is considered less tacky than the Dollar Dance since it adds some fun & value to the mix.

NOTE: If doing either dance, be sure to notify your guests in advance so they come prepared with dollar bills.

Other Evening Dances

Later in the evening. (Click here for more information)

If you will be doing any other evening dances, please list them here. This does not include dedication songs.


Any special dedications?

Songs entered here will be publicly dedicated to whoever you define. If dedicated to a couple, we will invite them to the dancefloor unless otherwise specified.

Must Play List (Song Requests)

What songs must you hear during your wedding?

We will try to use all songs listed here during your event, please keep the request to a minimum as it becomes far more difficult to do the job we were hired for when you provide a full playlist.

Preferred Genres

We use a very eclectic mix that covers many decades and styles of music. The main goal is that within at least every 5 songs, every person will absolutely love the selection. If there is a genre you want more of than other, enter it below.


List specific songs below, we will try to play everything listed, but sometimes we cannot get to everything. If a song is absolutely crucial and your event will be destroyed without it, change the "If we can't play it?" option.

If you just want more of a particular artist, type ANY in the song title box or leave it blank.


What songs do you absolutely NOT want to hear during your event?

We will try to avoid all songs and artists listed here during your event. Even if somebody requests a song or artist on this list, WE WILL NOT PLAY IT. This includes if you directly come up and tell us to do so. (Your guests often take advantage of that).

You can, however, override that option by selecting [Okay, fine] under the "If Requested?" option.


We will automatically avoid Hard Core Rap, Death Metal, and other things you would not expect at an event like yours, unless otherwise specified on your Must Play List.

We also will avoid songs with excessive or vulgar swearing, though some songs may have a word or two on occasion. There is no reason to enter uncommon genres in this field.


List specific songs below, we will not play anything listed, unless requested. If you do not want us to play the song even if someone requests it, change the "If Requested?" Option for each song.

That should be everything.

Is there anything you need to add?

If you have more information you need to provide us, please enter it below.